Antique Murphy Bed Furniture

The classic brown color domination in your bed room add more old-fashioned atmosphere, more over when you add antique Murphy bed as both decoration and functional furniture. The availability of this type of bed can still be easily found in the internet with a great deal of price and value.

With the design of classic carved oak wood and produced in the early 1900’s the value of this furniture is still high if it hasn’t been refinished. Because refinishing decreases the values of antique furniture like this one. Piece of advice, if you buy antique Murphy furniture, don’t ever refinish it. Because when you sell it, the price will be reduced significantly.

Murphy Bed Furniture

Buying an Antique Murphy Bedroom

There are many e-commerce sites such as ebay that sell antique furniture like this one. But for the most classic Murphy furniture you probably have to spend more money. In ebay, the price for an antique Murphy fold out bed could reach the number of $ 1.200.

But the choice is in your hand whether you don’t want to spend more money or money just doesn’t matter for you. For you antique lovers, adding antique murphy bed in your bed room will give you satisfaction and brings more old-fashioned style to your room interior.

Murphy Bed Furniture

6 Photos of the Antique Murphy Bed Furniture

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